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There are many different styles of homes with many different styles of driveways. Some opt for the traditional asphalt or concrete materials, but some homeowners want a little something more. For these types of houses, driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH can offer a wide array of different options, styles, and materials. At worst, Cleveland driveway pavers offer a unique stylistic option that few other homes boast. And at best, driveway pavers offer the perfect compliment to your home’s exterior.

Cleveland driveway pavers come in a large selection of different designs, the most popular of which tend to be interlocking patterns. Nothing says “elegance” quite like stone or concrete pavers aligned in a uniform fashion. It’s perfectly safe to drive over driveway pavers for Cleveland, OH homes, often outperforming asphalt in terms of longevity. Driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH will last for decades after being poured, and will never crack or chip. Also, none of the pavers will move around or shift (when installed correctly). As an added bonus, there’s no dry time, so a stamped concrete driveway could be driven on the same day that it was constructed. For the ultimate in customization for car parking in your home, driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH can pave the way.

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Driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH are very easily maintained. For the most part, you can just leave them alone. As long as they’ve been properly sealed and the foundation work was lain correctly, all that is needed is the occasional refill of joint sand. This can be done every two or three years, along with a simple reseal every few years. The polymer sand will strengthen the unit, and ensure that the bricks don’t move around on you. Otherwise, just make sure dirt doesn't enter the joints, wash off any oil or grease stains with a power washer, and your driveway pavers will be good to go. In the winter, be sure to lay down traction sand instead of salt, as sodium can potentially damage the material. Overall, very minimal maintenance is required to keep those pavers looking as good as new.

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Cleveland Driveway Pavers FAQ

What’s the difference between types of Cleveland driveway pavers?

There are many different types of materials for driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH. And each type has its own pros and cons. When examining concrete driveway pavers, know that these are some of the cheapest, and most long lasting materials available. However, they’re prone to damage in extremely cold weather. Brick pavers are certainly eye-catching, but rather expensive to install. Asphalt is comparable to concrete, yet more resistant to cold. With this being said, it only comes in one color. So if you’re not a fan of black or it doesn’t fit your home’s exterior, there are a severe lack of options. Gravel is very inexpensive to make a driveway out of, yet it’s difficult to maintain as it is constantly shifting around on you. Likewise, crushed stone is very inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors. The downside is that it makes snow removal difficult. Natural stone pavers are some of the more expensive types, but look amazing. Granite in particular has a very unique glossy shine to it. While basalt is comparable, and low price, it takes far less maintenance to keep up. It does, however, require much more effort to be aligned correctly. Finally, cobblestone is a very unique and stylistic type of paver, but is also much more expensive to install and maintain.

How do I clean driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH?

For most dirt and mud stains, soap and water can be enough. Unless you’ve spilled oil, grease, or something sticky, regular cleaning methods apply. For all other cases, you’ll need a pressure washer. It’s the only thing that can take off the hard, glued on substances like gum, gas, and car oil. Don’t worry about setting the pressure too high, driveway pavers in Cleveland, OH can take it. Not only will it peel off the grime and dirt, the pavers will look good as new once they dry. Pressure cleaning is so powerful it actually can remove the top layer of a paver with no ill effects. So keep your Cleveland driveway pavers looking great and rent or invest in a power washer today. It’s a great way to keep those pavers looking fresh.